Corporate Supplies

All the extras for your Corporate or LLC Kits

We offer a wide selection of corporate supplies including corporate seals, embossers, corporate minute books, LLC record books, corporate bylaws and corporate minutes, LLC operating agreement forms, corporate stamps, printed stock certificates and LLC membership certificates.

Company and Corporate Minute Books And
Record Books

Our corporate record books and corporate minute books are all handcrafted using leatherette material and "turned edge" construction for a richer look. We offer a wide selection of ring and post record books in a variety of colors, each configured to the form of business entity.

Company and Corporate Seal Embossers

The corporate seal embosser is stored inside a personalized pouch. Corporate seals and company seals are 1 5/8 inches in diameter and are custom finished with the corporation or company name, state, and date or year of filing.

Stock / Membership Certificates

Choose from 8 1/2" X 11" or 8 1/2" X 15" printed certificates. Each is numbered and printed with the name, capitalization, state, and signature titles. Additional classes, legends, restrictions, and special texts are available for your corporate stock certificates, printed membership certificates and LLC membership certificates.

Custom Print (Free With Order)

Unique certificate printing program allows you to fill in repetitive details and print certificates directly from your computer. Gives your certificates a clean, professional look. Easy to use & free with every order of certificates.

Corporate Forms and LLC Forms

We offer a selection of corporation forms, including specific edition corporate bylaws and minutes for all 50 states, as well as limited liability company operating agreement forms.

DocuPAK™Pro Corporate and LLC
Forms on CD

These forms have been prepared for us by a leading expert in business entity formation.

DocuPAK™Pro allows you to create professionally designed documents for General and Professional Business Corporations or LLCs nationwide. Our easy-to-use Document Complete Guides let you input and update client information and then automatically format, merge and print customized professional looking documents at the touch of a button.

Corporate DocuPAK™Pro contains 11 Organizational and Close Corporation forms, and 26 Ongoing Maintenance forms. View Corporation List.

LLC DocuPAK™Pro contains 5 Organizational and 6 Ongoing Maintenance forms.

Unique data base system allows you to recall and maintain previously entered information for your Corporations and LLCs. No authorization codes or passwords required. Economically priced at $175.00 each or $300 for both Corporate and LLC.