Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see on our website a service that you need, please call or e-mail corporate to let us know.

About Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc.

  • What Exactly Does Attorneys Corporation Service Do?

    Founded over thirty-three years ago, Attorneys Corporation Service is a full service corporate supply and service company. We are able to assist you with many of your needs when forming a corporation or LLC, including the preparation of corporate kits and LLC kits. We also produce individual kit items such as stock certificates, corporate seals, corporate minute books and LLC minute books. We can help you to form a LLC or incorporate in both California and Nevada. If you don't see something that you need on our website, please let us know. We are always developing new products and services so that we may better serve our customers.

  • Do I Have to Be an Attorney to Use Attorneys Corporation Service?

    No, only our drafting services requires you to be an attorney, enrolled tax agent or CPA. A person who is not an attorney, CPA or enrolled agent can still use us to file their corporation or LLC with the Secretary of State, reserve corporate and LLC names, and produce corporate kits and LLC kits or other corporate supplies for them. However, as Attorneys Corporation Service is a service company and not a law or tax firm, we recommend you speak with a professional advisor so that you may be properly advised as to what course of action to take before you incorporate or form a LLC.

  • What is the Privacy Policy of Attorneys Corporation Service?

    Please be assured that Attorneys Corporation Service respects the privacy of our clients and does not distribute to anyone your account information. For further information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

  • How Do I Open An Account?

    If you are an attorney, CPA, or enrolled tax agent your first order will be charged using a credit card or is sent COD. After that initial purchase, an account will be created and your account will be billed in accordance with our standard billing policies.

    We offer various other account arrangements for persons who are not an attorney, CPA or enrolled tax agent, but expect to use our services on a regular basis. We welcome an opportunity to discuss how Attorneys Corporation Service can best serve your needs.

  • How Will I Receive My Corporate or LLC Kits and/or Documents?

    Attorneys Corporation Service normally ships our products using UPS. However, alternative methods of shipping are available, depending on your needs.

Corporate and LLC Kits

  • Why Do I Need a Kit?

    Our professionally designed corporate kits and LLC kits allow you and your clients to protect and organize your LLC and corporate records. Since corporations are required to retain certain documents such as minutes for shareholders' and directors' meetings, corporation accounting records, and document major corporate resolutions, our corporate binders provide the perfect method to organize and store the above-mentioned important documents. Furthermore, our LLC and corporate kits contain necessary documents and items one would need to facilitate the aforementioned organizational formalities and the continuous process of maintaining corporate and LLC records.

  • What is the Difference Between the Various Types of Kits?

    Our kits come in two basic formats- an “all in one” type where the minute book contains all components, including the certificates and seal, and a second “box” type where the minute book, certificates and seal are kept separately in a two-piece, gold stamped legal size box.

    Our kits are available in a variety of styles and colors. All corporate kits contain sample forms of bylaws and minutes, index tabs, a personalized corporate seal, various corporate forms and personalized stock certificates. All Limited Liability Company kits contain a sample Operating Agreement form, LLC index tabs, personalized membership interest certificates, various LLC forms and a LLC seal.

    The price differences between the kits relate principally to the quality of the binder and the style of the certificates used.

    If you have further questions regarding what comes in our corporate kits or LLC kits please feel free to contact Attorneys Corporation Service, or go to the kits section of our website.

  • Can You Manufacture a Corporate Kit or LLC Kit for My State?

    Attorneys Corporation Service is able to manufacture corporate kits and LLC kits for all fifty states, as well as all US territories and possessions. Simply, let our customer service representative know what state or territory your corporation or LLC was formed, and we will customize your kit for that state.

  • Do You Offer Individual Corporate or LLC Supplies for Purchase?

    In addition to our complete corporate kits and LLC kits, our customers are also able to purchase any of our corporate supplies separately, including corporate seals, minute books, stock certificates, bylaws and minutes and index tabs.

  • How Long Does it Take For Me to Receive My Kit?

    If you place your order by 1:00 PM (PST), and you are located outside of our local state of California, your corporate kit or LLC kit will be put into production and shipped on the same day. Transit time is less if you are located within California. So, if you are located within California, and you place your order by 5:00 PM (PST) your order will be placed into production and shipped on the following business day.

    Transit times vary depending on your location and the method of shipping you select. We offer a variety of shipping methods to suit your particular needs.


  • Why Should I Use Attorneys Corporation Service to File My Articles in California and Nevada ?

    Because of the experience gained from our over 33 years of providing corporate services, we are able to file your articles of incorporation or articles of organization with the Secretary's of State offices in California and Nevada as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our experienced staff has gained insight into the fastest way to file your corporate documents and LLC documents with the Secretary of State's office and looks forward to assisting you in the future.

  • How Long Will It Take For My Articles of Incorporation or Organization to be Filed with the California and Nevada Secretary of State's office?

    That depends on numerous factors, including the amount of documents currently being examined by the document examiners at the state.

    Filed Articles of Incorporation are generally returned to us form the California Secretary of State in 2 business days. LLC Articles of Organization are generally returned to us in about 3-5 business days, when you request that the Secretary of State expedite the filing.

    Nevada Articles of Incorporation and LLC Articles of Organization take about 8 – 10 business days to be processed by the Nevada Secretary of State. The Nevada Secretary of State offers a 24 hour expedited filing service for an additional fee.

    We offer a variety of LLC formation and Incorporation services. We can draft your Articles of Incorporation or LLC Articles of Organization for you, or you can prepare your own then fax, email or send them to us for filing. Once we receive confirmation of the filing from the Secretary of State, we will start the production of your corporate kit or LLC kit, which will be ready for your shipment or pick up the following business days.

  • How Long is a Corporate or Limited Liability Company Name Reserved For?

    In California, the Secretary of State allows both corporate names and LLC names to be reserved for sixty days. After that sixty day period has passed, the Secretary of State requires an open day before the original reservation holder can renew this name.

    In Nevada, the Secretary of State allows both corporate names and LLC names to be reserved for a period of ninety days. After the ninety day period has passed, the Secretary of State allows for the renewal of the name reservation the following business day.

  • What Other Services Does Attorneys Corporation Service Offer?

    In addition to our incorporation and LLC formation services, we offer additional services such as expedited filing of the Statement of Officers and LLC Statement of Information forms; and entity Amendments, Dissolutions, Mergers, Conversions, etc.