About Attorneys Corporation Service®

Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. has been serving the needs of law firms, incorporation services companies, financial advisors, certified public accountants, enrolled agents and the general business community for over 33 years. The professional and high quality products and services we provide match our staff's reputation for courteous and efficient service. Many major law firms that we service nationwide, can attest to the quality of our products as well as the dependability and timeliness of our various services.

Thank you for your interest in Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. Our friendly staff is available to answer any questions you may have.


We offer a large selection of professional quality Corporate Kits and LLC Kits to match your preferences and budget. We have specialized kits available for General Business, Close, Professional and Non-Profit Corporations; Limited Liability Companies; and General and Limited Partnerships.

Corporate Kits and LLC Kits are available for all 50 states, and U.S. possessions and territories. We ship worldwide.

Both our customer service office and our kit production and assembly plant are located at the same physical location in Los Angeles, California. We even manufacture most of our Minute Books and Record Books in house, assuring you of the highest quality products available, when you need them.

Through our ability to control the full process from order request through production, assembly, and shipment, we can tailor our systems to your specific needs. Our systems allow us to produce customized Corporation Supplies and LLC Supplies such as Minute Books and Record Books, Stock Certificates and Membership Certificates with specialized language, and customized Corporate Seals, fast and efficiently.


You can have us file your Articles of Incorporation or LLC Articles or Organization in California and Nevada, and obtain your Corporate Kit or LLC Kit, in one simple and convenient process.

Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. prepares and submits for filing Articles of Incorporation and Limited Liability Company Articles of Organization with the Secretary's of State offices in California and Nevada. In addition, we offer services for the expedited filing of the Statement of Officers and LLC Statement of Information forms; and entity Amendments, Dissolutions, Mergers, Conversions, etc. While some of our document drafting services may be limited to attorneys, certified public accountants and enrolled tax agents, most services, and all products, are available to service companies, businesses and the general public.

We realize that “time is of the essence” when forming a Corporation or LLC. We also know that you not only want things done fast, but done right. We have formed thousands of corporations, limited liability companies and other forms of business entities in our 35 years in business. This experience gives us the unique insight and knowledge to process your articles as quickly and efficiently as possible, with a reduced chance of rejection by the Secretary of State. Our trained, experienced staff can often spot potential problem areas in your documents, before they are submitted, and can make the necessary corrections for you.

Our turnaround time is fast. Articles of Incorporation are generally filed and returned to us from the California Secretary of State in 2 business days. LLC's are generally returned to us in about 3 - 5 business days , when you request that the Secretary of State expedite the filing.

Nevada Articles of Incorporation and LLC Articles of Organization take about 8 – 10 business days to be processed by the Nevada Secretary of State. The Nevada Secretary of State offers a 24 hour expedited filing service for an additional fee.

We offer a variety of LLC formation and Incorporation services. We can draft your Articles of Incorporation or LLC Articles of Organization for you, or you can prepare your own, then fax, email or mail them to us for filing. Once we receive confirmation of the filing from the Secretary of State, we will start the production of your kit, which will be ready for shipment or pick up the following business day.


Please contact us or browse our website to obtain information on our other services such as expedited filing of the Statement of Officers and LLC Statement of Information forms; and entity Amendments, Dissolutions, Mergers, Conversions, etc.

Click here to Contact Us, or feel free to call us at 1-800-462-5487 for more information. One of our account representatives will be pleased to assist you.